We were challenged to transport "the spirit of re-thinking" of the novel Horizn studios product series that consists oof 97 % recycled materials.The campaign had to be innovative and just as sustainable as the suitcases.
Our Idea:Let's build a tool that recycles digital content and turns it into glitch art To do that, we created an asset generator that transforms old brand visuals into an infinite number of unique glitch art pieces that served as campaign key visuals. We teamed up with the digital artist Deveroe to develop the unique glitch art concept of the campaignOur developers translated his art concept into custom code for the asset generator.

Client - Horizn Studios
Agency - Twentyrising
Production - .fount GmbH
Creative Director - Marc Isken
Account Director - Alkisti Stolp
Director - Sebastian Kortmann
Glitch Artists & Sound Design - Deveroe
Creative Code & Asset Generator - Les Pals
Executive Producers - Jo Glenk & Philipp Haeberlin-Collet